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You'll Never Hear About This From Your Doctor...

Discover the Immune-Boosting Elixir the US Army Secretly Slips Into Every Soldier's Backpack...

This natural immune supporter, has undergone rigorous testing; found to kill Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph and SARS.

It can make you sick, just thinking about our health care system.

It can leave you wondering what you can do to stay healthy, or how you can safely and naturally strengthen your immune system.

After all... when your immune system is impaired, it's not a matter of if, but WHEN illness will strike.

So, today I want to let you in on a closely-guarded secret that the military has been using for their soldiers to combat everyday sickness and disease and to disinfect wounds in the field.

Former Air Force Surgeon General, P.K. Carlton, had this to say about it:

“The anti-microbial has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph and SARS [in the lab]. It is the first new anti-microbial for the hospital in many years. In addition it is non-toxic to humans. We currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy in our inventory.”

Put simply, this secret treatment offers a massive boost to your immune system, without harming the human body at all.

In just a moment, I'm going to share with you exactly what it is and how you can get your hands on it.

See, I believe that living a life full of energy, vitality, and health starts with supporting the body's natural healing ability.

You don't need to take questionable drugs or radically alter your lifestyle.

You just need to decrease the load on your immune system.

It all comes down to...

The Balance of Your Health Scale

Your health operates kind of like a scale.

On one side of the scale are your body's natural repair systems. It's pretty amazing just how much your body can deal with...

...It can flush out harmful toxins and chemicals...

...It can regenerate cells and tissues damaged by illnesses and injuries...

...And, in some cases, the body's remarkable repair system has even been shown to reverse cancer, diabetes, and HIV.

You may have even experienced this natural healing as a child...

You'd get sick and then be back playing on the playground in a matter of days... often without even taking any medicine.

Broken bones would heal in a few short weeks... without the need for surgery.

It was like you had a superhuman ability to recover from illness or injury.

As you've gotten older though, you probably seem to have lost that ability.

You see, on the other side of the scale are the toxins in your environment, pathogens (germs like bacteria and viruses) and everything else that tries to take you down.

Modern life piles these up like a stack of bricks.

  1. With each breath, you inhale an unseen cloud of exhaust fumes, formaldehyde, and other pollutants. The American Lung Association has stated that nearly half of all Americans live in places where the air is too dangerous to breathe!
  2. The food you buy at your local grocery store comes packed with over 10,000 questionable GMOs, pesticides, and additives.
  3. The overuse of antibiotics has led to the evolution of drug-resistant strains of bacteria in hospitals and other environments.

With time, this starts to outweigh your body's ability to heal. Your immune system can't keep up with the demand.

A virus like the flu (or worse) comes along and... BAM!

Your Overworked Body Is Defenseless!

Even if you avoid getting sick, the sheer effort of staying alive in the face of all these threats can leave you worn out and exhausted.

It can leave you with barely enough energy to make it through the day, let alone have fun with friends, succeed in your career or be present with your kids.

Now, for serious illnesses, we do have modern medicine.

But what about  boosting the immune system for everyday life? How can you tilt the scale back toward health before you get sick? How can you decrease the burden on our body's repair system?

Well, you can turn to something like silver.

Huh? Silver?

What does the shiny metal used in jewelry have to do with a strong immune system?

Well, it turns out, silver has been...

Used for Centuries to Help Keep People Healthy

Early American settlers tossed silver coins into wells and barrels of water. They believed it would clean the water and make it safe to drink.

Dairy farmers used to use silver pails to collect milk. The fresh milk could apparently be kept for hours without spoiling... unrefrigerated!

And, in some cultures, moms would add powdered silver to their newborn's first bath... a protection against this harsh world.

Silver, as modern science has discovered, has a lot of powerful healing powers. And unlike many drugs...

Silver Boosts Your Immune System

It acts in three primary ways...

One, the silver particles (called silver ions) have a positive electrical charge that's attracted to the negatively charged cell membranes of bacteria... just like two magnets coming together.

The silver then ‘steals' a piece of the bacteria's membrane (a couple of electrons). This rips a hole in the bacteria's outer cell wall, causing it to burst or collapse.

Human cells, by comparison, have thicker walls with a neutral charge that doesn't attract the silver ions.

Two, these silver ions also stick very strongly to the element sulfur.

Sulfur acts kind of like a glue that holds bacteria proteins together. It's a key component that helps the bacteria digest its food.

But when silver particles get in the way, the bacteria can't use the sulfur anymore and it starves to death.

Three, silver causes bacteria to produce poisonous substances called reactive oxygen species that rapidly destroy the bacteria from the inside out.

Essentially, it's like starting a fire inside the bacteria.

And, unlike healthy human cells, which are stronger and have more advanced repair systems, the bacteria has no way to put out the fire.

Germs Don't Stand a Chance!

Some might get lucky and survive the first attack.

One or two might survive the second one...

But none are going to be able to withstand all three.

...It Completely Wipes Them Out!

Silver was found to be so effective at killing bacteria that people started crushing it into powder and drinking it with water.

Commonly known as colloidal silver, thousands of people attest to its healing properties. It has been said to...

...Support a strong and resilient immune system...

...Free your body to cleanse and restore itself...

...Leave you feeling energized and fully alive...

But for all these potential benefits, there's a less-than-desirable side-effect, because of the way that colloidal silver is made...

Most of the time, people create a solution with a high concentration of large particles and as a result, the body doesn't fully process all the silver.

Take too much of it and...

Your Skin Might Turn Blue

The unprocessed silver particles form deposits when they come into contact with stomach acid and enter your bloodstream. While this isn't toxic, it does give your skin a strange looking grayish-blue tint .

The effect is irreversible too. Once blue, always blue.

Now, the evidence on just how big the risk of taking colloidal silver is is mixed... and some research suggests that if you take it in low doses, you might be ok.

But the potential risk was enough for government health agencies to declare all silver to be “unsafe” and “ineffective” for fighting bacteria.

Choosing to support antibiotics (and the companies that manufacture them), they banned the sale of colloidal silver as a treatment for disease. By doing so, they effectively forced doctors to stop prescribing it... and they shut down funding for research on the antibacterial properties of silver.

But that didn't stop people from researching anyway, and in a breakthrough discovery, engineers found a way to...

Create a Supercharged Liquid Silver Solution

By charging silver and water with over 10,000 volts of electricity in a carefully controlled process, they caused the silver particles to bond with the water molecules in a particular way.

The silver particles became a part of the molecular structure of the water and were permanently suspended in solution.

They called this new formulation Silver Sol (Sol is short for hydrosol, which is the chemical name for particles dispersed in pure water).

Right from the start, researchers noticed two instant improvements over colloidal silver.

First, the silver particles were nano-sized.

This allowed the silver to be fully absorbed into the bloodstream – where it could do its work to fortify the immune system.

At the same time, because of the small particle size of the silver, the body is able to effectively process and dispose of it.  In a double-blind, controlled study, researchers found that the body clears out all silver within 24 hrs. The nanoparticles don't accumulate in your skin or anywhere else.

In other words, it's completely safe.

You could drink a swimming pool's worth of Silver Sol and have no risk of your skin turning blue.

Second, researchers noticed that even at a low concentration (just 10 parts per million)...

These Silver Nanoparticles
Are Devastating to Bacteria

In early lab tests scientists added a few drops of Silver Sol to test-tubes filled with some of the most deadly bacteria and viruses known to man... and the germs were all dead within an hour.

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Virological Methods detailed how silver nanoparticles rapidly took out HIV, Hepetitus B, and H1N1 influenza.

And, another study clocked Silver Sol's kill rate for MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, at just 10 minutes!

Now, there are lots of things that have been shown to kill germs in the lab.

For example, bleach is incredible at killing bacteria.

Thing is... bleach destroys EVERYTHING... including healthy, normal cells in your body. It's poisonous. You wouldn't want to drink it.

But here's what's interesting about Silver Sol...

Scientists have found that while Silver Sol can be LETHAL to harmful viruses and bacteria, it leaves human cells and tissues alone.

A safety test done by NAMSA, an international medical testing lab, evaluated it using US government guidelines for oral toxicity. And they found that it was...

Harmless to Humans and Animals
Even at 200 Times the Standard Dose!

Normal, healthy cells are left untouched.

But it's a totally different story for the bacteria and other germs...

In 2007, researchers examined the impact of Silver Sol on mice infected with H5N1 influenza (commonly known as bird flu).

The mice who got the silver treatment had double the survival rate compared with those who didn't.

The silver killed the virus but not the mice.

Clinical trials to verify this result in humans are yet to be completed, but there are promising signs that Silver Sol could be a powerful aid to the immune system... strengthening it to fight a whole range of deadly illnesses.

In fact, Silver Sol is so safe and effective that the military is already using it for just that. Aside from relying on it to keep their soldiers fit and healthy, I'm told it's the first thing they apply to a wound to clean it up.

Our troops face enough demands as it is. The Army does what it can to ease the burden.

Just imagine what it would be like if you had the same assistance in the fight against the constant bombardment of everyday life against your immune system...

1) Fewer illnesses...

With a stronger immune system, you're less likely to get sick.

Instead of lying in bed with a burning fever and painful stomachache... you'll be free to work, to play, to hang out with friends and family.

And even if you do get sick, your immune system will be strong, to help you recover and bounce back quickly.

2) Space for healing...

With an increased capability for dealing with invading pathogens, your body can focus on doing what it does best... repairing damaged tissues and cells, clearing out toxins, and tuning up for optimal performance.

It'll leave you feeling fresh, clean, and clear.

3) More energy...

Best of all, without the constant drain on your body... without having to devote so many precious resources to fighting illness, you have the energy and vigor to live, work, and play.

You can reclaim your zest and vitality.

And, the good news is, you don't have to go join the military to get your hands on this life-changing elixir.

Now there's an easy way you can...

Experience the Healing Power of Sol-Tech SILVER!

If we haven't met, I'm Ian Clark of Activation Products.

Ten years ago, I became severely ill; I was overweight and burned out from living the corporate life, constantly travelling all over the country. That's when I started connecting the dots and discovering alternative and holistic health practices.

One of the key realizations that I had during my recovery was just how critical it was support my body's natural ability to repair and heal itself. It's the foundation for everything.

Some time ago, when I first experienced Silver Sol and the transformation it brought on, I knew that I had to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

So I immediately reached out to the inventors of Silver Sol and we worked together with Activation Products to formulate an exclusive product called PANASILVER – so we can share the gift of this immune-boosting elixir with the world...

Imagine experiencing a healthier, more energized life...

... safe and protected from seasonal health challenges...

... strong and resilient in the face of illness or injury...

... flooded with a previously untapped reserve of energy.

I invite you to...

Try Panasilver Risk-Free!

Fortifying your immune system could cost you a fortune.

And for good reason... being ALIVE is the greatest fortune of all.

But for roughly $1.00 per dose... you can help support the #1 force keeping you alive... your immune system!

All it takes is just one or two spoonfuls a day. You can add it to juice, water, or even take it plain (it has a very slight metallic flavor).

Try it for 60 days... and if you're not satisfied with your results, contact us for a full refund and you can even KEEP THE BOTTLE!

You will devastate the illness-causing pathogens lurking in your body... You'll supercharge your immune system to repair, renew, and regenerate your body. You'll feel energized, clean, and ready to take on anything.

But I will warn you...

Watch Out for Other Silver Solution Products Out There...

There are a host of companies out there trying to sell “liquid silver” products...

Many of them claim to be using “new silver technology”, but they are just selling regular, turn-your-skin-blue colloidal silver.

You have to be careful.

Look for and demand real (and independent) test data... including independent safety reports, efficacy reports, government approvals that prove efficacy, and endorsements from people of expertise that have no ownership in the company.

No family should ever use a product unless it has been proven safe to use. So look for in vivo (living) tests that prove non-toxicity.

Right now, Silver Sol technology – used to create Panasilver – is the only patented and scientifically proven silver solution on the market.

There is a library of more than 300 major reports, studies, and test series' (by more than 60 different universities, government/military labs and private institutions) standing behind its safety and effectiveness.

Even so, we want to ensure that this is 100%, absolutely risk-free for you, which is why your Panasilver is...

Guaranteed For 60 Full Days

Again, you'll have 60 days to put Panasilver to the test. This is how strongly we at Activation believe in it.

After taking a daily dose of Panasilver for a full 60 days, I promise you...your life will be transformed for the better.

Here's what's going to happen...

You will feel refreshed and clean. You'll find that your body fights off minor colds and other irritations more quickly. You'll notice a new-found level of energy. You won't get tired as easily. You'll feel more alive and comfortable in your own body.

It will be like you reclaimed the resilience and energy of your childhood.

So here's the deal:

If you hold up your end of the bargain –taking a daily dose for 60 days – and you don't feel that Panasilver is everything I've promised you...

I'll refund every penny you spent on Panasilver over the 60 days (less shipping).

I can't make this any easier and more risk-free for you. You have absolutely everything to gain here.

Of course, this isn't just about you. It's about...

Securing the Well-Being of Your Children, Your Family and Your Community

You know that when you or someone in your family gets sick, it doesn't just affect one person.

Sure, you might feel miserable for a couple days (or longer). You might not be thrilled about the discomfort, pain, or lack of energy, but if it was only about you, you could manage to cope with it.

Yet your life isn't the only one that's impacted. When you're not fully healthy, it disrupts the lives of everyone around you...

You can't take the same care of your kids and loved ones... preparing meals for them, getting them ready for school or work and being 100% present in their lives becomes a burden.

You can't contribute as well to your community... whether through your work or volunteering, or even just participating in neighborhood events.

You're not able to fully support the friend who's going through a tough time...

When you're sick... everyone feels it.

And that's why it's so critical to care for your body... to give your immune system every support possible so it can keep you healthy and strong.

Because when you're healthy and strong... your family and community can become healthy and strong too.

So I invite you to get your supply of Panasilver right away...

Yours in great health,

PS: This anti-microbial destroys, starves, and poisons germs all at the same time... and it does so without harming healthy human cells or tissues. There is good reason for the military's dependence on it.

P.P.S: As I stated, try Panasilver for the next 60 days... if you don't witness powerful immune system changes, simply request a refund, and KEEP THE BOTTLE – just in case you change your mind later.


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